Your moment of enjoyment
Your moment of enjoyment

Tekaffe Lobby Bar

 Tekaffe Lobby Bar

Tekaffe Lobby Bar is the perfect place for relaxing after a busy day while enjoying drinks, cakes or sandwiches/salads from the diversified menu.

The menu includes specialties of coffee and tea, refreshments, pastries, salads and sandwiches, cocktails, alcoholic drinks, cakes and ice cream.


The bar is open from 08:00 until 23:00.

lobby bar tekaffe continental tirgu mures


Our bar is on the ground floor, which is a handy option for those who want to relax outside the sleeping room.

lobby bar tekaffe continental tirgu mures


We offer pastries that go well with a cup of coffee in the early hours of the day, as well as fresh cakes, good to enjoy at any time of the day.


During summer you can relax at Tekaffe cozy terrace, where you have free wireless access. Here you can drink your coffee quietly, while checking out your last emails or setting up business meetings.

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