One of the oldest settlements
One of the oldest settlements

Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Tirgu Mures is located at the intersection of Transylvania Plain, Mures Valley and Niraj Valley, at an altitude of about 320 m above sea level. It is one of the oldest cities being documented more than 700 years ago.

Such seniority also requires an eventful history. Evidence reside in various writings, in archaeological finds, in places of worship and historical monuments attesting events and facts that have taken place over time.

Tîrgu Mureș Municipality and its surroundings were among the earliest human settlements from ancient times. Evidence confirm the presence of Neolithic cultures, then those of bronze and iron ages. In the surroundings, excavations revealed several Roman ruins.

Traditions and the specificity of the area turn Tîrgu Mureș into one of the yet undiscovered attractions of Romania.

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